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What is Pashmina?

Pashmina is the Nepalese word for cashmere and should not be confused with the banned Shahtoosh.

The softest wool is combed from the chin and the underbelly of the capra hircus goat, which thrives in the snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas. This high altitude, combined with the goat's spartan diet and genetic makeup, enables it to grow a coat which provides a feather-light wool, the finest and warmest on earth.

In order to give strength to delicate Pashmina wool and to add the glossy elegant finish that is so appealing, expert craftspeople weave it with fine silk. Next they hand-twist the distinctive tassels. The shawl is then dyed from a selection of beautiful colors.

ChicStuff Pashminas are certified as genuine and imported from the Kingdom of Nepal where the Pashmina weaving and dying industry employs more than 3000 souls.

It can take 98 artisans an entire day to make just nine shawls, regarded locally as an investment as precious as gold. Indeed wealthy families often include the Pashmina as part of a dowry, along with jewelry and property.

History has it that in 1796, the governor of Kashmir gave Pashmina to a visitor from Baghdad who passed it on to the Egyptian royal family. The same garment was then presented to Napoleon Bonaparte who gifted it to his wife Josephine. The Empress liked it so much she immediately sent for more in every available color. From then on Pashmina became an integral part of every European noblewoman's trousseau.

The modern world was slow to discover Pashmina's unique qualities. But all that has changed and the Pashmina is now an essential part of every chic woman's wardrobe.

Pashminas can be worn anywhere at anytime with just about anything. So comfy and versatile you won't want to be seen without yours. Wear it daytime with jeans or look sublimely elegant with an evening gown. Tuck it into your purse as a snugly blanket on a long flight. These stylish, pashmina wraps have become part of every fashion conscious woman's wardrobe, a virtual necessity.



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